School of Government Peking University  
Professor from Free University of Berlin HadLecture in School of Government

On Sept. 6th, Prof. RonnieSchob, famous scholar of Free University of Berlin, had a fascinating lecturewith the topic ¡°Embedding as a pitfall for survey-basedwelfare indicators: Evidence from an Experiment¡± in School of Government. Prof.Ronnie is a German scholar who has interest in hedonomics, labor economics,reform of the welfare state, environmental and resource economics, etc. Hispapers have been published in journals such as Economic Journal, EuropeanEconomic Review, Economics Letters, Oxford Economic Papers. And he has been themember of the Council of Advisors to the German Treasury since 2015.


During the lecture, Prof. Ronnie startedwith a review of different approaches that measure social welfare, concludingthat GDP as a standard has many defects on measuring the welfare and thus it isessential to measure social welfare by means of field experiment. Taking theOECD Better Life Index as an example, he found in his experiment that people¡¯svaluations on one index varied when the index was embedded in differentdimensions. With further explanation for the result of the regression, Prof.Ronnie underpinned the strong embedding effect within the OECD Better LifeIndex, which suggests that the index is inaccurate to measure people¡¯s ¡°True¡±preference.


At the end of the lecture, prof. Ronnie hada warm interaction with teachers and students concerning the sample selection andregression methods of the experiment process.