School of Government Peking University  

Associate Professor, School of Government
Associate Director, Research Center for Contemporary China, Peking University 


B.A., Peking University 
M.A., Peking University
Ph.D., Peking University 

Research Fields

Theory and Methods of Politics Research Methodology in Survey Research   
China's Political Development 

Selected Publications

Yan Jie, Pierre Landry, Liying Ren. "Spatial Sampling with GPS in China Social Survey: Lessons from the ILRC Survey", The China Review, Vol.9, No. 1(Spring 2009), pp147-163. (SSCI)

Dealing with Item-nonresponse to Politically Sensitive Questions in Surveys: An Application of Multiple Imputation. Journal of Huazhoug Normal University (Humanities and Social Sciences), 2010, (2), pp.29-34.

The Reliability of the Public's evaluation of Government Performance:An Empirical Study in Beijing. Journal of Sichuan University (Social Science Edition), 2010, (1), pp.91-100.

Measurement of Political Efficacy in Chinese Political Surveys. Journal of Peking University (Philosophy & Social Science), Special Issue. June, 2008. pp.117-122. 

The Distribution of Non-responses in Chinese Political Survey Research.  Wuhan University Journal (Philosophy & Social Science), 2008, 61(2), pp.225-231.  

The Origins of "Item Nonresponse": Lessons Learn from Chinese Social Science Surveys. Journal of Huazhong Normal University (Humanities and Social Sciences), 2006, 45(6), pp.58-63. 

The Practice of Chinese Political Survey Research. Jianghan Tribune, 2006, 3, pp. 16-20. 


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