School of Government Peking University  
SHEN Mingming

Professor, School of Government 
Director, Research Centre for Contemporary China 

B. Law. (Pol. Sci.), Peking University (1982) 
Ph.D. in Political Science, The University of Michigan (1994) 

Research Fields
Comparative Environmental Politics and Policy Implementation 
Comparative Research on Elites and Political Transition 
Research Methodology in Survey Research 
Northeast Asia Security 

Selected Publications 

With Pierre F. Landry, "Reaching Migrants in Survey Research: The use of the Global Positioning System to reduce coverage bias in China," in Political Analysis, Vol.13, No.1, Winter 2005.

"Economic Growth Versus Environment Protection: Perceptions of Chinese Urban Elites," in Peter Ester et al. ed. Culture and Sustainability: A Cross-National Study of Cultural Diversity and Environmental Priorities among Mass Public and Decision Makers. Amsterdam: Dutch University Press, 2003.

With Samuel Eldersveld, Support for Economic and Political Change in the China Countryside, Lanham, MA: Lexington Books, 2001.


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Ph.: (8610) 62767402 
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