School of Government Peking University  
  Department of Political Science

Department of Political Science


Chair: YAN Jirong

Deputy Chair: WU Pi


The department boasts its rights of conferring doctor degree in the first-ranking discipline of political science in Peking University. Now it has PhD program of political science, including majors as political theories and methods, Chinese government and politics, comparative politics. Master programs include political theories, China and foreign political systems, history of CCP. Those majors of political theories recruiting students are political theories, Chinese political thoughts, and foreign political thoughts. Those of China and foreign political systems are Chinese government and politics and comparative politics; of history of CCP are party theories, CCP and contemporary Chinese politics. This department has 32 permanent teachers, including 8 professors, 17 associate professors. With close collaboration with Research Institute of Humanities and Social Science of the Ministry of Education, this department undertakes all related course offerings of PhD, graduate, undergraduate and MPA studies, and other various continuing education programs.