School of Government Peking University  
  Why School of Government

School of Government is committed to student learning and the promotion of excellence in the profession, with the aim of establishing a world-class government school and relevant disciplines. It also intents to become a key base of government and public management, of training and educating talents with high quality, a consultative base for decision-making of the party and government, a first-rate base producing academic achievements, and an exchange platform for internal and external academic communities. The school focuses on discipline building and talents training, combining political science and economics, integrating academic research and practical applications, combining normative and positive research, academic training and professional training.

School of Government is a fantastic place to study and work, boasting internationally acclaimed research and outstanding teaching quality. Here are several reasons for you to choose School of Government of Peking University.

 Vibrant Capital City

School of Government of Peking University is located in China¡¯s Capital City-Beijing with a city history of more than 3000 years and a capital history of about 857 years. As a national historical and cultural city, Beijing has hundreds and thousands of cultural relics, such as the Great Wall, the Palace Museum, the Summer Palace (which is close by the Peking University), etc. Except from its reputation as a political center, Beijing is also making an excellent performance on economic development, becoming an uppermost financial and business center in China. After entered WTO and held 29th Summer Olympic Games, Beijing has attracted more and more international attentions, and is playing an important and active role on the international arena.

 Supportive Learning Environment

School of Government has an international reputation for its teaching activities and offers a range of degree programs at undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD level. The school has more than 50 faculty members who have distinguished themselves in study and research in the different fields. Meanwhile, office hours are provided so that you can have communications with teachers after lectures. Besides, computer and internet services are also available to students for research and study purposes.

¡°Studying at SG will open doors you have never imagined. The sharing of knowledge and life experiences has been invaluable. Interaction with our professors has been further augmented our time here.¡± (An international student of MPP Program said)


Peking University Library is one of the leading research libraries in China, combining a long and distinguished history with a vibrant mission of service to the University and the nation. The collection capacity has reached 6,500,000 items, making it the biggest university library in Asia.

Besides, there is also a middle-sized library in our School of Government, collecting the document resources with the specialized features. The school library provides service mainly to teachers, undergraduates and postgraduates in our school, but also to the domestic and foreign visiting scholars and researchers in related fields.

 Successful International Activities

Besides, the school has a large, world-embracing view indeed, and it is making great effort to become an important platform of scientific research, teaching, training, consulting and international exchange for China¡¯s Politics, Public Policy and Public Management. Till now, the school has established many collaborative programs all over the world, such as Global Public Policy Executive Training Program, Master in Public Policy Program, Double Master Degree in Public Policy Program with London School of Economics and Political Science, Double Master Degree in International Relations Program with the University of New South Wales, etc.

We welcome you to the School of Government. We look forward to helping you become the best professional in this field that you can be.