School of Government Peking University  
FU Jun

Professor, School of Government
Executive Dean, School of Government


B.A.(1984), Beijing Foreign Studies University
LL.B.(1986), Foreign Affairs College
A.M.(Regional Studies - East Asia, 1994), Harvard University
Ph.D.(Government - Political Economy, 1998), Harvard University
Research Fields

Comparative Public Policy
International Political Economy
Selected Publications
Jun Fu, "China in the WTO: Why It is a Win-win Deal for Both China and the US", Harvard Asia-Pacific Review, May 2000, Summer Issue.

Jun Fu, Institutions and Investments: FDI in China during an Era of Reforms (Ann Arbor: The University of Michigan Press, Studies in International Economics, 2000.)

Fanlongduan yu Jingzheng Zhengce:Jingji Lilun,Guoji Jingyan ji dui Zhongguo de Qishi[Anti-trust and Competition Policy: Economical Theory, International Experience and its Implications for China], Beijing: Peking University Press, 2004.

Fu Jun, Il tempo delle sfide (Aspenia n. 41, 2008)

Guofu zhi Dao[The Dao of the Wealth of Nations], Beijing: Peking University Press, 2009.

FU Jun, "China's Economic Growth in Perspectives: Challenges Ahead", Harvard China Review, (Issue 1, 2010)


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