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Associate Professor︱Standing Director of China Business Law Association
Research interests: Law and Economics; Economic Law; Administrative Law
  Ph.: (8610)62757420
Associate Professor︱Associate Dean (for Graduate Studies)

Research interests: Personnel Management and HRD; National Public Servant System; Public Administration 

  Ph.: (8610)62755564
Associate Professor

Research interestsMethodology and Foundation of Administrative Law; Comparative Research on Constitutions

  Ph.: (8610)62751742
Associate Professor

Research interests: International Economics; Public Economics and Policy

  Ph.: (8610)62758625
Professor︱Department Chair, Department of Public Policy

Research interests: Public Administration; Public Policy Analysis

  Ph.: (8610)
Associate Professor
Research interests:Political Problems in Modern China, Theories of Justice and Their Application, Theories of Democracy, Political Philosophy
  Ph.: (8610) 62756059
Associate Professor
Research interests:technological learning; industrial development and catching-up of developing countries;evolution of innovation systems;political economy of science;technology and organisation evolution;business history in modern China
  Ph.: (8610)62744090
Professor︱Executive Dean

Research interests: Comparative Public Policy; International Political Economy

  Ph.: (8610)62767272

Research interests: Political Theory; Public Management; Public Policy

  Ph.: (8610)62754851

Research interests: Social Policy; Health Policy; Labor Relations; Civil Society; State-society Relations

Professor︱Director, Department of Education Administration︱Vice President, Association of The History of CCP, Beijing City

Research interests: Political Development of China; Comparative Research of System Transition between China and Russia 

  Ph.: (8610)62758646
 Research interests: Contemporary Chinese Politics Focus on Corruption and Anti-corruption Government Innovations & Political Reform State Governance & Social Governance
  Ph.: (86-10) 62768650
Professor︱Department Chair, Department of Public Economics

Research interests: Public Economics; Regional Economics; Public Finance

  Ph.: (8610)62767032
Associate Professor
Research interests: Public Policy Analysis; Modeling and Simulation for Social Science; E-Government & Information System
  Ph.: (8610) 62755674

Research interests: History of Chinese Political Thought; Administrative Law; Administrative Ethics

  Ph.: (8610)62767004
Professor︱Associate Chief Editor, China Political Science Annual︱Director, Party Research Center, Peking University

Research interests: Modern History of Chinese Political Development History; Party Politics; Mao Tse-tung

  Ph.: (8610)62755451
Associate Professor

Research interests: Public Management; Public Human Resource Management; Public Services

  Ph.: (8610)62754951
Research interests: Party Politics in China; Policy of Rural Development in China; Leadership Studies
  Ph.: (8610)62751647
Professor︱Associate Dean(for Undergraduate Studies and Continuing Education)︱Deputy Secretary-General of GSC (the Geographical Society of China)

Research interests:Economic Geography ;Urban and Regional Planning

  Ph.: (8610)62756470
Professor︱Director for Development Planning Department of Peking University︱Director, Centre for European Studies
Research interests: Western Political Philosophy (Especially Liberal Political Philosophy); Social and Political Theory of Weber; Yanfu and Transition of Political Thoughts in Modern China; Political Problems in Modern China
  Ph.: (8610)62755457
Associate Professor︱Department Chair, Department of Public Policy
Research interests: Governance and Economic Development
  Ph.: (8610)62756413
Associate Professor
Research interests: Microeconomics and Public Policy; Public Credit and Government Performance Improvement; Financial Institution Management
  Ph.: (8610)81138684
Associate Professor
Research interests: Quantitative Analysis of Public Policy; Economic Regulation; Theory of Incentives
  Ph.: (8610)62753418
Professor︱Director, Leo Ko-Guan Institute for Business and Government
Research interests: Enterprise Theories, Strategic Management and Technology Innovation; Organization Theory and State Theory; China
  Ph.: (8610)62767283
Professor︱Department Chair, Department of Urban and Regional Management
Research interests: Urban And Regional Economics; Local Public Finance; Urban and Regional public policy
  Ph.: (8610)62759724
Research interests: Comparative Constitution; Administrative Law
Associate Professor
Research interests: Public Financial Management; Government Budget; Education Economics
  Ph.: (8610)62754326
Professor︱Director, Research Centre for Contemporary China
Research interests: Comparative Environmental Politics and Policy Implementation; Comparative Research on Elites and Political Transition; Research Methodology in Survey Research; Northeast Asia Security
  Ph.: (8610)62767402
Professor︱Assistant Dean, Beijing Development Institute︱Associate Director, China Center for Urban and Regional Economic Researches
Research interests: Computable Spatial Economics and Planning Support System; Urban and Regional Planning; Strategic Management for City, Region and Public Sector; Remote Sensing and GIS for Public Management, Digital City and Digital Government
  Ph.: (8610)62759929
Associate Professor︱Department Chair, Department of Political Economy
Research interests: Japanese Economy; Industrial Policy and Corporate Strategy; Export-led Growth and Regional Integration; Varieties of Capitalism
  Ph.: (8610)62767272